UNICEF Nepal / Child Development Society

In January, Finnish journalist Elisa Ramaila and I collaborated to produce a number of articles focusing upon social and economic challenges relating to the aftermath of the April 2015 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal.  With roughly 2.8 million people displaced and 500,000 homes destroyed, the need for assistance from the local and international community has been vast throughout the past year.

UNICEF Nepal is one of the many organizations that stepped forward to assist those who were affected by the 2015 earthquake through multiple initiatives. Elisa and I had the opportunity to interview and photograph some select families that benefited from the assistance of UNICEF Nepal through Child Development Society, one of their partners.

Lakshmi's family is one of the beneficiaries of Child Development Society's assistance in the form of educational sponsorship. She has been caring for her two nephews since the family lost their house in the earthquake. After the home was destroyed, they lived temporarily in an outdoor tent until it washed away in flooding. The family has since managed to move into a single room brick home, where they are staying near the school that the boys are attending.

Amidst the loss and challenges of the past year, the resilience and bond between these brothers and Lakshmi was evident in their closeness and the boys' smiles throughout mine and Elisa's time with them.

For more information on UNICEF Nepal and their partners, see http://www.unicef.org.np/